LINK2FS_Multi_FSX  (Expert Version).


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This release is for “EXPERTS” only ,, if you are not familiar with Link2fs_Multi_FSX_5h then this release is not for you.

There is NO specific help for the extra functions in this release as it is assumed the people that will use them know what they are doing.


What’s new in it ?

Compared to Link2fs_Multi_FSX v5h the following has been added ,,,

It can now handle 5 cards in total.

An option to use LAN instead of serial is available for 4 of those 5 cards.

A lot of new SimConnect extractions.

A lot of new SimConnect direct inputs.

Added to the GPWS are ,,,

            “Approaching Minimums”


            Autopilot disconnect warning.

            There are extra unused GPWS Wav files included so you can change some of them if you like.

Added 11 new triggers to the Anunnciator page.

Added a new area where the user can set SimConnect extractions for his own use.

Added a new area where the user can set SimConnect inputs for his own use.

Added an area where the user can set FSUIPC offsets for his own use as inputs or outputs.

Added the ability for the user to “test” input codes rather than have to re-code the Arduino.

Added the option with ‘Flaps’ to be in percent rather than angle.

Added the ability to send ‘seconds’ pulses from the main computer to the Arduino.

Added the ability for the Arduino to request the ‘Seconds’ to see if it was connected properly.

Added the ability for the Arduino to request a “refresh” burst if the refresh timer was turned off.

Reworked file naming code for the ‘Save’ button.

Reworked serial error detection so there was no “Lock-up” with bad Arduino code.


Requirements ,,,

Obviously M$ FSX.

M$ net framework 2

M$ XP, win7 or win8.1

(It has been tested on XP(32), win7(64) and win8.1(64) so if it don’t load then it’s your computer or your UAC settings etc)

You don’t need an Arduino attached but it helps.

You don’t need FSUIPC for my program to run ,, it just means you won’t be able to use the FSUIPC section.


Installation ,,,,

Make a new folder in your C drive (or what-ever drive) and  unzip the zipped files into it.

Do NOT put it into a folder with an earlier “Multi”. (There are some different sound files)

What you will end up with should look something like this which includes the “Demo” sound files ,,,,











There may also be folders with sample INO’s in them. (If supplied with what ever download you’ve got)


Most of the “numbered” folders are empty and they are just there to make it easy for you to start with.

When you first save a profile ,, it makes and saves 7 more files ,,, your “card” files and a “Startcard1.ini”. (if you have made your profile the start one.)

The “card” files are there to save your settings for the 5 cards. The “startcard1” tells my program which set of  “card” files to start automatically with.

There will also be a file called “expertsettings.ini” which is your “Expert” settings for SimConnect and FSUIPC.

To get back to default on any page/file ,, just delete the file concerned and it will fix itself next restart.


Note ,,

This is not an “Install” program ,, it is just an ordinary exe. (even run’s from a pendrive)

It does not mess with any other files or settings on your computer.


A picture will give the general idea of the main changes. ,,,



























WAV files ,,,,

The chatter wav files are stored in a folder that is indication the last 3 digits of a com radio. (I know ,, on some radios you only see 2 digits

but the third one is still there ,, so 123.12 really is 123.125)

With my download there are a few wav files in “100” so tune your Com2s/b radio to “xxx.100” to hear them.

You can add chatter files into any of the empty folder and even add more folders.

Chatter files are all over the net (try and ,, etc) They need to be in the  “wav” format. They can be from any version of flightsim.




There are no “help” files for the additional features in this release ,,, it is assumed that the user knows how to use it although there is a help page on how to use his knowledge of SimConnect or FSUIPC with the lay-out of the pages.

Understanding  SimConnect or FSUIPC ,, is a field on it’s own.  Research them on the net ,, there's heaps of info.


If it looks too complicated then use version 5h ,, or ,, swat up on SimConnect or FSUIPC and then it will all come clear.

I have still included the help files from version 5h though along with the “demo” INO’s for the Arduino.

Arduino INO files that worked fine in version 5h will also work fine with this release so there is no need to re-brain your Arduino.


Text Box: If you get a download error, you need to ‘refresh’ this page to see the latest link.




You can download it here ,,,,,,  (about 4.7 Mb ,, mostly sound files)


UPDATED    4   September  2014  (See update History log below)


On a personnel note, I don’t actually have or use FSUIPC but I would like to thank Tony * ,, a local Guy with a neat setup (no, he doesn’t use Arduino’s) but he allowed me access to his great setup so I could find out how to get into his FSUIPC with my code ,, it was rather interesting ,, me with a laptop making code and transferring it to a pendrive to test it on his setup. When I finally cracked it we had a ball doing all sorts of things ,, changing settings, visibility, clouds etc. 

Thanks heaps Tony ,, you’re a champion.


As usual ,,,

Use at your own risk.

What worked for me,, may not work for you.

If it don’t work for you, then go and try something else.



Nothing I’m aware of at release date although it hasn’t had much testing. (There’s just toooooo much to test completely)



4 September 2014 release “Experts” version 6f  (Complete package)
I finally revisited the problem of long data burst’s into a “busy” Arduino.

Now the data bursts on initial connection are split up as well as in the ‘Refresh’ bursts.

This is a tremendous help for people with large INO’s or people using rotary encoders while using the ‘Refresh’.

Users of older versions should update to this one.

INO’s that work in version 6e will work fine in this release.

The ‘Card’ files from version 6e will work fine with this release. (Not fully tested )

The ‘expertsettings.ini’ file from version 6e will work fine with this release.

So people upgrading from version 6e only need the exe file. (I think ?? )

1  August  2014  release “Expert” version 6c (Complete package)
Fixed a bug in the FSUIPC “Controls” input.

Added a separate page for inputting  FSUIPC  “Controls”.

Added ability to input “Control” codes from the Arduino direct.

Added provision for potentiometer input for Throttles, Prop pitch and Mixture. (See Simconnect inputs)

Added a demo INO file for inputting potentiometers to suit the above.

Your present Arduino INO files wont need to be modified if they run OK on “Multi Beta5h” or Multi Expert version 6a or 6b

Your present Mutli  “Card” files will NOT work with this release. (although some might)

Your present “expertsettings.ini” will definitely NOT work with this release.

You’re present (Mutli beta5h) “Card” files will NOT work with this release. (don’t even try to modify them)

You are best to open it in a new separate folder from any previous version of the “Multi”.

1  May 2014 release “Expert” version 6b

Fixed lots of small bugs.

Fixed a lot of big problems in the Annunciator area.

Fixed the Autopilot Vertical speed setting where it wouldn't take negative numbers on input.

Added an error indicator for the Formula cells in the expert area. (Shows what line the error is on)

Added 10 more 'slots' in the Experts SimConnect inputs page.(The most I could do without messing up the "card" files.)

Fixed the "Reset" button problems.(It now "Resets" and saves even if there is an error present)

Added an error warning for the "Expert" stuff that they will see even if they are not in an Expert page.

Your present Arduino INO files wont need to be modified if they run OK on “Multi Beta5h” or Multi Expert version 6a

Your present Mutli beta6a “Card” files will work fine with this release.

You’re present (Mutli beta5h) “Card” files will NOT work with this release. (don’t even try to modify them)




13 April  2014  release “Expert” version 6a (Complete package for experts)

This release is really version 5h highly modified to enable “Expert” user input into SimConnect and FSUIPC.

Your present Arduino INO files wont need to be modified if they run OK on “Multi Beta5h”

You’re present (Mutli beta5h) “Card” files will NOT work with this release. (don’t even try to modify them)






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