A Key-stroke to Mouse-click thingy.   Sort of like Key2mouse.    June 2010

Link2fs_keys    An Arduino interface to input to nearly any program.     Nov 2012

How to load an Arduino INO  file.   (For Newbie’s)  Updated Aug 2012

Rotary encoders and the like.   An Arduino library and  “intro” to them.    Aug 2013

A simple method to make good looking panels.          Feb 2012

Serial Port stuff for Arduino IDE version 1 or 1.+      Aug 2012

Link2fs  Multi for FSX    Direct In and Out for up to 3 Arduino cards.   version5h  Dec 2013

Link2fs  Multi for FSX for experts    For the experienced FSX user only.   v6f  4 Sept 2014

Link2fs  Multi for FS9  (FS2004)  Direct In and Out for up to 3 Arduino cards.   Beta v2  Dec 2013

Link2fs  Multi for FS9 for experts    For the experienced FS9 user only.  V3a  Aug 2014

Link2fs_Multi_Starter_Pack       An INO  “Starter pack” for the Multi ,, for “Newbie” Arduino flight simmers.   Dec 2013

Link2fs_Multi_Annunciator Panel     An Arduino Alarm panel project for FSX or FS9.   July 2013

Link2fs  Multi  Radio Panel project   An Arduino Nav/Com project for FSX or FS9.       July2013



For the forum goto ,,, http://www.mycockpit.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=323     (Updated April 2018)





















23-Aug-2015          Added link  to FS9’s expert page which I forgot to do last update.

                               Deleted my blog page as it didn’t seem to serve any useful purpose.


4  September  2014     Released Multi FSX v6f for “Experts”. Fixed large data burst problem.


1  August  2014     Released Multi FSX v6c for “Experts” lots of improvements. (See it’s page)


1  May 2014          Released Multi FSX v6b for “Experts” lots of bugs fixed.


13 April 2014         Released the Multi FSX v6a for “Experts”.


10 March 2014      Added the missing LCD demo ino into the FSX Multi download.

                              Fixed (again) my blog page.


31 January 2014      Removed the older “inOut” page,, just too old now ,,, use the “Multi” instead. (It’s far better)

                                 Removed the pages about my motion platforms ,, again ,, just too old now and I never updated them.


28 December 2013     Updated the FSX “Multi” ,, it’s now version 5h.


10   December 2013     Released the Beta FS9 version of the Multi. (v2)


1   October 2013       Fixed a bug with rudder trim extraction on Cards 2 and 3. (Card 1 was fine)


18 September  2013  Added more extractions and fixed a couple of wee things in the  “Multi. (Now version 5f)


4 September  2013  Fixed a bug in the “Multi” which effected it’s use with “non English” versions of FSX. (Now version 5e)

                                 Added a couple of more extractions and annunciator outputs.

                                 Having moved my site to another plan, it was time for a clean-out.


18 August  2013      Updated my “Multi” program again. It’s now version 5d

                                You may have to hit refresh to see the new link on that page.


10 August 2013        Updated the page on rotary encoders and some demo pde/ino’s

                                 The core library remains the same.

                                 Added a code demo for quarter cycle rotary encoders.


19 July 2013             Added an Arduino Project for a Nav/Com radio panel.

                                 Added another link to C# source code in the “extracting data” page.


12 July 2013            Added an Arduino project for a basic annunciator panel which will “tidy up” some Guys slack flying habits.

                                To me a project includes ,, basic instructions ,, circuit diagram ,, the INO file ,, etc.

                                As I get time I may throw some more up for the “Multi” ,, but no promises ,,, I’m busy on another ‘mission’.


4 July 2013               Updated my “Multi” program again (now beta version 5c).

                                 A lot of “internal” work and generally stuff you wont notice.

                                 It is now nice and stable ,, right to the point it is now in my main FSX sim.


13 June 2013          Updated my “Multi” program ,, this release is the first release of it that I’m happy with. 

                                I started a “Blog” as a contact medium and I now no longer watch any forums.

                                (The forum I used just had too many problems with access and posting ,,  and now  I can’t even connect to it)


6 June 2013            Opened my “Link2fs_Multi” to public beta testing. Those brave enough can have a big play.

                                There’s bound to be heaps of bugs so get into it and see what you can find.


18 May 2013           Updated my Link2fs_inOut program and added direct injection of the gear position control. (FSX and FS9)

                               Big update of the source code stuff. Added more demo’s. Also added a demo for using FSUIPC.

                               Added links to other code sources.


28 March 2013        Updated the demo program for extracting and inputting data with FSX using VB6.


22 Dec 2012           Uploaded a new version of Link2fs_inout.  Now version 4.

                                Even more extractions added.

                                All the required files are in this package.

                                Just use the exe file if you have already installed a previous version. (Your “ini” file will still work)


30 Nov 2012           Uploaded a new version of “Link2fs_inout” (Version 3) which adds more extractions and

                               fixes the “Non English” header problem.

                               This upload is the exe only (for testing) and needs to be put in an already made folder with version2 in it.


24 Nov 2012           Uploaded a new version of my “keys” program. (Now version 4)

                                It’s at the bottom of the page.

                                It’s a “stand alone” exe (not an install) so it can be run from anywhere and is portable.


22 Aug  2012          Updated PDE files to suit the newer Arduino IDE. (Now 0022 thru to 1.1)

                               Updated Link2fs_InOut to version 2 and removed a couple of wee bugs. (No extra extractions)

                               Added a modified version of Keith Neufelds Quadrature library to the rotary encoder page.

                               Added more demo’s in the “Rotary encoder help zip”.

                               Added fix for serial port buffer size on IDE ver 1 and 1.1

                               Now that I’ve caught-up ,,,  Things will start to happen with other stuff.


10 Feb 2012          Added a PDE ”starter pack”  for newbies having trouble with making PDE’s (For the Arduino)

                              Added a page on how to make good looking home-made panels easily.

                              I never got the chance to have a good crack at the couple of annoying bugs in Link2fs_inout. Maybe next time.

                              I think I’m better to spend the time on a major new release which will put the old one to shame.


4  Dec  11             Updated my “inOut” program to reflect the inclusion of FS9(FS2004) data extractions.  

                              Finished my page on “Rotary encoders”

                              Updated to my page on programmers methods of extracting data from FSX and FS9

                              (Added VB.net , C#.net source codes for FSX and also added methods for FS9 interactions.) I


9   Sept 11            Updated my Link2fs_FSX_inOut   (Now version v1e)

                              Fixed some bugs, improved speed, added new options, more extractions etc.


24 July 11             Fixed speed problem in Link2fs_FSX_inOut  when used with rotary encoders. (Now version v1b)


17 July 11             Put up a page for my Link2fs_FSX_inOut.

                             Put up a page on rotary encoders as a reference to start with.


14 May 11             Updated the Arduino keys program to Beta3 status and got rid of bugs.

                             Updated the Arduino Uno1 program and got rid of an unreported bug.


24 April 11            Updated the Arduino keys program to Beta2 status and got rid of bugs.


22 April 11            Good news  ,,, I have put together a program to turn Arduino cards into fightsim input cards.

                             So,, if you have a Uno, you would get 17 switch inputs.

                             If someone has the Arduino mega card, they will get 66 switch inputs.

                             Any type of switch will work, toggle, push button, rotary. (Rotary encoders will get added after a while)

                It will work on just about ANY program so if you have a favourite game,, it will probably work with that too.

                            You get to choose what action (switch) it will activate.

                            It inputs ONLY into the selected program. (You set that)

                            It even inputs if the selected program is not in focus.

                            No other software needed. (Not even FSUIPC)

                            Please Note … It is in Beta status at the moment.


20 March 11        Well I finally got the Arduino Duemilanove / Uno interface onto this site.

                            It’s a simple starter for some-one that wants to play using FSX with them.    

                            It gives various outputs to meters, LED’s  etc with some inputs as well,, all of which really enhance the flying with a

                            simple panel


12 Sept 10           I’ve had some interesting e’mails after I put up about the Arduino cards ,,  I’m obviously not the only one that see’s the value and ease of use of these cards.

                One obvious  use of these cards is use them in a “modular” constructed system.  i.e. 1 card behind each panel or

                compartment.  (Stand alone module)

                The call was to have at least 3 outlets for Arduino cards and include the use of the Arduino Duemilanove card ,,,,,

                both of which I have done. (Its actually future-proofed with allowing 4 Arduino cards.) ,, (I can add more if need be)

                            Updated the “projects page” to reflect the above.

                            I have also had a thought (about modular construction) that maybe some inputs should be utilised as well, which

                            would make the sub-assembly totally “Stand alone”.  At the moment I use a keyboard encoder which works great but

                            they have one failing ,,, If FSX doesn’t have focus and you are using another program while flying i.e. a chat window

                            ,,, then when you flick a switch, the code goes to the chat window and NOT to FSX. I am working on a program that

                            will overcome this ,,, but ,,, it makes sense to have all the inputs and outputs going thru the one card.  

                            I’m thinking about this,,, I may???  change my direction on how I do inputs ,,,  there again ,,, I may just include my

                           “keyboard switcher” into the links2fs_Multi program ,,, or I might do both.

                            Aaaaah, so much to do ,,,, so little time. ! ! !

                            I split off the Arduino stuff from my “projects” page and gave it a page of its own. (Its going to be a busy page shortly)

                            I am thinking of doing a small program to interface only the Arduino cards to FSX. (A basic, bare, easy to do type of

                            thing that will “liven up” a simple cockpit with LED’s, meters etc.)

                            Thanks to the guys that contacted me with idea’s ,,,, It helps me a lot.


12 Aug 10            Added a “Present Projects” page. Just to update my mates.

                            Added a “How I fly” page to help other people that I fly with online who don’t understand my “weird” flying habits.


1 June  10           Updated my present packages. (Not the FS9 stuff)

                            Added right click capabilities to my mouse program.

                            Added 64 bit compatibility to my Link2fs programs.

                            Corrected some “hard to read” problems with some graphic cards in my Link2fs programs.


22 Nov 09           Yes, I’m still alive.  There has been a lot going on with my flight simming world ,,, mainly ,,,

                           The FSX motion platform got sold about a year ago.

                             I have got plans (In my head) for a “Mark 3” platform (Rather a radical change) and

                             I have some of the hardware ,,, BUT really pondering if I should actually build it or not as there

                             are so many commercial (and hobby) options out there now, the fun of the challenge is gone.

                            After all those years of being involved with motion ,,, I actually found FLYING was still heaps

                            of fun ,,  then I got heavily into online flying ,,, Then I flew around the world ,,, now

                            I’m pinging off “All the countries of the world” ,, but all with a very different approach to normal.

                            All this with the company of some really great mates. (Thanks Guys …. You know who you are)

                            I have a lot of stuff to update this site with, but that will come later. (Summer here now) Stay tuned.


18 Nov 08           Updated my mouse program,,, Now the cursor returns to where it came from.

                           Added methods of extracting data from FSX.   (FSX outputs page)

                           Removed the new Guestbook. (too much trouble)

20 June 08          Rather surprised by the downloads of my Link2fs_Mouse program, so I fixed a lot of its weak points.

                            Now you can erase an entry easily, create new profiles and also the cursor “parks” itself.

19 April 08           Added descriptions of the use of the 2 “Standard.xml” files in the “FSX inputs” page. 

                            Also fixed a Firefox link problem.

15 April 08           Tidied up this page, added FSX inputs page, Keyboard encoder page, key-stroke to mouse-click page,

                            started an FSX outputs page.

18 Feb 08           Updated my software page and uploaded Link2fs_Motion_v3

14 Feb 08           Added some more to the FS9 “motors and gearbox” page on different motors.

11 Feb 08           Added to the FS9  “Motors and gearbox” a way to modify wiper motors to have the same speed in both directions.

03-Feb 08           Updated software page with the new software, updated The Plan page.

01-01-08             Uploaded some pictures. (Opened a photo’s page) (Will be slow on a dialup connection)

6 Dec 2007        Having a break from all this ,, too busy ,,,  Xmas here ,,,,, summer etc.

5 Dec 2007        Put up the wiring page and rehashed the intro page (This page)…  Updated my software page (A wee bit)

18 Nov 2007      Put up my software page. (Well, the start of it)

5 Nov 2007        Updated “The Start” page and  started guest book


All the content of this site is a description of what I done ,, 

Use anything at your own risk.  

What worked for me ,, may-not work for you.

All my work on this site is copyright to me unless noted otherwise.

All spelling and grammar mistakes are on purpose..  ????










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