How to load an Arduino INO file.    


                                          Updated to the newer Arduino IDE version 1 and 1.1


First of ,,,,  

Load the Arduino software onto your computer. It is available here ,,,,

They have a very good introduction and description of how to do anything, in links from that same page.

My page (here) is for “A man on a mission” and wants it going quick without having to learn everything.

I am assuming you have downloaded one of my files and want to install the INO file into the Arduino and get going yesterday.

(An INO is the same as a PDE so some PDE’s will still work fine on the later IDE’s )


If you have installed the Arduino software correctly you should be able to open their program and see this ,,,,

Depending on your version ,,,,


                          Version  1 and 1.1

























Now some things you need to know ,,

A INO file is actually called a ‘Sketch’ ,,, the reason is that you can actually have drawings with it too.

Their software requires that the INO file be in a folder by the same name. i.e. “my_first_play.ino” will be in a folder call “my_first_play”

Their software puts all the saved INO files into folders in  mydocuments/arduino


Now lets move on to the short-cuts to get it going quick ,,.

Have your card connected to your computer with the USB cable.

Have the Arduino software open.

You would have opened my files into a folder called Link2FS

You will have in there, a folder called by the name of the INO file you need. (In some of my software, there are INO files for different boards.)

On the Arduino software click ‘FILE’ then ‘OPEN’ and navigate your way to the INO file you need. (Supplied with my software)

Double click on it.  It will be loaded and show in their program. (It may open another window)


Or ,, an even quicker way is to just double click on the INO (or PDE) file I supplied,,,  you don’t even need their software running. (It will open automatically)


Sooooo,, now we have my INO file in their software ,,, The hard bit is done ,,,


2 things to set ,,  Identify what board you have connected ,,, and on what com port.


Com port,, Click TOOLS,, PORT and select the com port.

Type of board ,,  Click TOOLS ,,, BOARD  and select the correct board. (Double check yourself here)


Arduino IDE’s   1  &  1.1  (Same as the older V 0022 etc for this step)





























Now the final steps ,,, verifying and uploading to your card.

To verify the INO file ,, click SKETCH ,,VERIFY/COMPILE. (Or just press the button in the picture)

To upload the INO file to your card ,,, click FILE ,, UPLOAD TO  IN/OUT  BOARD. (Or just press the button in the picture)

Wait for it to finish doing its thing at each of these steps. (The button will go green again)



Arduino IDE’s  1,  1.1
































Problems ,,,,


When you are verifying / compiling ,,, any RED writing at the bottom of their program indicates there is something wrong with the INO file.


When you are uploading and there is RED writing at the bottom,, it indicates that there was a problem loading the INO file into your card.

A few things to check,,,

Try it a few times.

Check you have selected the right card. (See above)

Check you have set the right com. Port. (See above)



Dated 20 April 11

Flowchart: Alternate Process:  Back to the simulator main page.Updated 22 Aug 12 Added IDE version 1 info.

Updated 28 March 2013 removed the older PDE stuff.