And a bit of history ,,,


The Gore (New Zealand) days ,,,  about 1967 thru to 1973.

I went there single ,, unattached and totally oblivious to the swags of

single girls down there ,, they all seemed to want to get married to a

petrol tanker driver ,,, sigh !!























Well here’s the old Foden that I drove for most of it’s life .






















Here is Gore Sevices fleet as it was when I started.

TK Bedford ,, S Bedford artic ,,, and the Foden.

There was also another small A2 bedford for doing home-heat delivery’s.

The cardboard box on the ground was for my ‘box brownie’ camera which

all these black and white pictures were taken with ,,, how times have changed.





















Aaahh the old girl sitting in the yard on retirement. (briefly)


























Shell and Atlantic filling their tankers at Gore Services (Mobil) filling stand.


And before Mobil I was at Caltex in Gore.



























Keith Lay and me in front of the entire fleet of Caltex tankers in Gore ,, farm delivery mainly.

Ford Trader and a TK Bedford.
























Now something different ,,


























An old Scammell at Manapouri.  (No I didn’t drive it ,, it just caught my eye)

It came from the NZ Army and the ‘Manapouri Doughtful Sound Tourist Co’ used them to

move their boats around. (Fiordlander I and Fiordlander II etc) ..  Late 60’s






























A WWII Chevy CMP “puddle jumper” which I rebuilt in Roxburgh during the early 80’s.

This went to Deep Cove ,, Manapouri and was used for some tourist activity.



























A Land Rover S2 Forward Control which I rebuilt in Alexandra during the early 90’s.

About everything on this machine was stuffed when I got it ,, I was insane to rebuild it, but I did.



























Aaaahhhh my long lost love ,,, a series 1 Land rover ,,, absolutely beautiful machine.

Taken up the Old Man range with Roxburgh in the background. (in the 70’s)