For the  ARDUINO  Cards. 

                     For  FS2004 ONLY … See another page for the FSX one.

                               See bottom of page for current version.  


Beta Testers Overview  ,,,

This program is the outcome of making an interface like “Link2fs_Multi_FSX” where the Arduino card could be interfaced with FSX.

Now here is one that does the same for FS9  (FS2004) ,, it has lots of extractions and also direct inputs (not keys) although “keys” is still there for

some odd-ball inputs.


Anyone that use’s the older “inOut” program will love this as it is a way more versatile ,, how-ever they would need to do their INO again as

the output identifiers are different ,,,, BUT ,,, there is virtually no coding needed for inputs as it has direct input capabilities.


If you use the FSX Multi and also use FS9 ,, then you can straight away use your present system with this one for FS9. (Same INO)


I have thrown this out there now so Beta Testers can have a play and let me know what to fix. (I just haven’t the time to fully test every last bit of it)

Look out for errors in data ,, things that don’t work as expected ,,, GUI mistakes ,,, anything odd.

I’m not worried about the actual Arduino code side of things ,,, it’s the core program that needs tested.


Some Pictures of the FS9 “Multi” ,,,,



































































































































































































































The exe is a “Stand Alone” exe ,,,, it is NOT an installer so it wont mess your Windows installation.

(Even use it from a USB drive if you like)

You do need Net Framework 2 (or greater) installed on your computer ,, but most computers have this already.

Tested on XP(32bit), Windows 7(64bit) and windows 8 (64bit) ,,, I don’t know about Windows 8.1 ??

I’ve enclosed more wav files this time so it’s a bigger file than the FSX one ,, about 4MB in total.


A big thank you Guys for any feedback ,,, Jim

Drop any findings into this forum ,,,,



There are heaps of help information included in the download along with quite a few “demo” INO’s for the Arduino

If you find the INO files confusing ,, have a look here for some simple “get you going” stuff ,,,,  

It’s my “starter” stuff that has be updated for the “Mutli”.


If you download a PDE/INO from the forums etc,, make sure it is one to suit the “Multi” ,, My older “Link2fs_inOut” program’s PDE/INO’s won’t run on the “Multi” without conversion.

There is no reason you cant use the “older” style of  INO’s with this program but remember all the identifiers are different and all now have 2 identifiers.

Also the way the data is sent from the Arduino to my program has changed. (Not dramatically though.)

There is no “help” with you doing your own INO file (for the Arduino) but I would like to hear of anything wrong with my program ,,,  thanks.


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You can download it here ,,,,,,




Nothing I’m aware of at release date although I haven’t done much testing ,,, that’s your mission.



10  December 2013 release version 2 (Complete package)
Fixed … A lot of “house-keeping” stuff.
Released via my website today.
Your present (Mutli beta5g)  Arduino INO files wont need to be modified.
Your present (Mutli beta5g) “Card” files wont need to be modified.


1   December  2013  release version 1 (Complete package)
Fixed … “Ground Clearance”  <E  data. (It’s now fixed length like it should be ,, it used to vary)
Fixed … Some wav files in the GPWS. (speeds 30 and 40 were actually chatter files inserted for testing)

Renamed the FSX one ,, “Link2fs_Multi_FSX” so there is difference from the FS9 version.

Your present (Mutli beta5g)  Arduino INO files wont need to be modified.
Your present (Mutli beta5g) “Card” files wont need to be modified.





Updated 10 Dec 2013 House-keeping stuff.

Started   1 Dec 2013.


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