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Link2fs_Multi is a multi purpose add-on for FSX and interfaces with M$ FSX.  It is basically designed to add functionality to a generic home cockpit with the minimum of expenditure ,, hence the use of the Arduino Mega cards and my home grown software.

This package is destined to replace 5 of my older home grown applications that I use on my own setup which were a pain to open and close every time I went flying. It’s concept started months ago (spare time) with James (Meller) and myself comparing idea’s and methods. (Thanks James)


What it does ,,,,

It lets you input switch’s , rotary encoders, etc and outputs the selected simconnect extractions which you can use for LED’s, LCD’s, meters, servos, and even motion platforms.  Also there are other things, GPWS, settable annunciator outputs, etc that will liven up the cockpits while you fly and “test” your flying skills.

FSUIPC is not required.


You don’t need an Arduino card if all you want is the GPWS and / or Chatter option.


Some picture’s will give the general idea. ,,,




































































































































































































































This file is basically all self contained.  It is NOT an install program and the exe file can be run from anywhere (it’s portable) how-ever FSX must be

on the machine for it to load. I done all my testing using it on a pendrive.

It runs on XP 32bit, Win7 64bit Win 8 64bit. (Not tested yet in Windows 8.1)

If it doesn’t run for some reason ??  then you may have to install the “Net Framework 2” from M$ ,, or,, FSX isn’t on that computer.

On Win7 (64) I have a “bare” load of win7 and FSX with only a few scenery add-on’s  ,, my program runs fine with it from a pendrive.


Installation etc.,,,

Make a folder and  unzip the zipped files into it.

What you will end up with should look something like this which includes the “Demo” sound files ,,,,











There may also be folders with sample INO’s in them. (If supplied with what ever download you’ve got)


Most of the “numbered” folders are empty and they are just there to make it easy for you to start with.

When you first save a profile ,, it makes and saves 4 more files ,,, your “card” files and a “Startcard1.ini”. (if you have made your profile the start one.)

The “card” files are there to save your settings for the 3 cards. The “startcard1” tells my program which set of  “card” files to start automatically with.


Simconnect Direct Inputs ,,,,

With this version 5 release there is a new addition ,, simconnect inputs.

How it works is you send a code from the Arduino to the Multi and then the Multi sends the required simconnect command to FSX.





























WAV files ,,,,

The chatter wav files are stored in a folder that is indication the last 3 digits of a com radio. (I know ,, on some radios you only see 2 digits

but the third one is still there ,, so 123.12 really is 123.125)

With my download there are a few wav files in “100” so tune your Com2s/b radio to “xxx.100” to hear them.

You can add chatter files into any of the empty folder and even add more folders.

Chatter files are all over the net (try and ,, etc) They need to be in the  “wav” format. They can be from any version of flightsim.




There are heaps of help information included in the download along with quite a few “demo” INO’s for the Arduino

But it is assumed you have played with my other programs and understand the concepts of what happens.

If you have used them, then diving into this will be a piece of cake. ,,, if not ,, then download my earlier stuff and read the info with them and experiment.

There is no reason you cant use the “older” style of  INO’s with this program but remember all the identifiers are different and all now have 2 identifiers.

Also the way the data is sent from the Arduino to my program has changed. (Not dramatically though.)

There is no “help” with you doing your own INO file (for the Arduino) but I would like to hear of anything wrong with my program ,,,  thanks.


Text Box: If you get a download error, you need to ‘refresh’ this page to see the latest link.




You can download it here ,,,,,,  (about 4.2 Mb ,, mostly sound files)




Nothing I’m aware of at release date although I haven’t done extensive testing of everything.



28   December  2013  release version 5h (Complete package)
Fixed … “Ground Clearance”  <E  data. (It’s now fixed length like it should be ,, it used to vary)
Fixed … Some wav files in the GPWS. (speeds 30 and 40 were actually chatter files inserted for testing)
Added … More demo ATC wav files.
Added … Ability to test “Keys” codes from the interface. (before you code the Arduino)

Renamed it “Link2fs_Multi_FSX” so there is difference from the FS9 version just released.

Your present (Mutli beta5g)  Arduino INO files wont need to be modified unless you used  “Ground Clearance.” <E
Your present (Mutli beta5g) “Card” files wont need to be modified.
1   October  2013  release version 5g (Complete package)
Fixed … Rudder trim extraction not working properly to cards 2 and 3. (It was fine in card 1)
Added … Reminder in the “Readme file” about the serial data fix and the Rotary Encoder fix.
Added … Demo INO on how to use quarter cycle Rotary Encoders.
Your present (Mutli beta5f)  Arduino INO files wont need to be modified.
Your present (Mutli beta5f) “Card” files wont need to be modified.
18 September 2013  release version 5f (Complete package)
Added … Rudder Trim extraction
Added … DME 1 Speed extraction.
Added … DME 2 Speed extraction.
Fixed … Bug in the Annunciator section that some people had.
Fixed … The serial monitor yellow button now actually takes you to the right tab.
Your present (Mutli beta5e)  Arduino INO files wont need to be modified.
Your present (Mutli beta5e) “Card” files wont need to be modified.
4 September 2013 release version 5e  (Complete package)
Added … Extractions for Alt/Gen 1 and 2.

Added … Annunciator alarms for Alt/Gen 1 and 2

Fixed … A bug in “Keys” that effected ‘Non English’ versions of FSX.
Fixed … Hydraulic pumps simconnect codes.
Fixed … Starter (Jets) simconnect codes
Fixed … Fuel cut-off valves (jets) simconnect codes.

Changed … Throttle positions (<V and <W ) now have ‘+’ in front of non-negative numbers.

Your present (Mutli beta5d)  Arduino INO files wont need to be modified if they don’t use the above change.

Your present (Mutli beta5d) “Card” files wont need to be modified.


21 August 2013 release beta5d  (Complete package)
Added ... A few more extractions

Added ... A heap more simconnect inputs. (Over 100 extra one’s)

Added ... A TEST provision so you can test the simconnect input codes with your plane.

Added ... The ability to control individual light switchs.

Added ... The ability to control individual fuel tank selection.

Added ... The FSX default overspeed alarm to the annunciator page.

Added ... A demo INO on how to incorporate acceleration into a sketch for rotary encoders.

Added ... A demo INO on how to use the new (individual) light status extractions.

Changed ... Lights "<f" is now no longer a hash code ,, all individual indications

Changed ... Annunciator "/S" to indicate the default Stall alarm from FSX.

Changed ... Extraction "?J" Battery Amps is now 4 characters. (Used to be 3)

Fixed  ....  False save's with the "Keys" save button.

Your present (Mutli beta5c)  Arduino INO files wont need to be modified if they don’t use the above changes.

Your present (Mutli beta5c) “Card” files wont need to be modified.


4 July 2013 release beta5c  (Complete package)
A general “internal” upgrade to improve some things and also to add some error trapping.
It’s now at the stage I’m actually using it in my own sim now !!!!

Fixed ,,, The occasional error message while loading in Windows 7.

Fixed ,,, Card 2 and 3 ,, item /T1 now is the same as card 1.

Fixed ,,, The “cueing” of wav files in the GPWS.

Fixed ,,, Now there are indications if you don’t send linefeeds with the data from the Arduino.(It wont lockup on disconnect)

Fixed ,,, Where the Arduino never got the first burst of data from “Multi” after connecting.

Fixed ,,, Now the “refresh”, when set to ‘0’, will actually turn it off. (As it was meant to)

Added ,,, Now FSX can be started before or after starting my “Mutli”.

Added ,,, Added some “Other stuff” for sending processed values to suit PWM stuff. (For me really)

Your present Arduino INO files wont need to be modified if they run on “Multi Beta5b”

You’re present (Mutli beta5b) “Card” files wont need to be modified.


14 June 2013 release beta5b  (Complete package)

Fixed ,, “Keys” section reworked and dramatically improved.  Now it’s very quick if FSX is in focus but (naturally) slower if it is not in focus.

Fixed ,,  There are now no “lost” commands going to simconnect. (It’s now multi-threaded)

Fixed ,,,GPWS totally reworked and appears to be bug free now, lots of things changed and fixed.

Fixed ,,, Where the radio was on a trigger frequency at start-up ,, the audio didn’t work unless retuned.

Added ,,, GPWS and Chatter now have separate volume controls.

Added ,,  “Gear-simple”  “?Y”  extraction. (It will simplify the code in the Arduino for the gear position indication) ,, (Demo supplied)

Changed ,, A “+ “ now in front of  non negative battery amps.(“?J”)

Changed ,, Chat and GPWS now needs avionics voltage to work.

Check the above if your Arduino INO files need to be modified.

You’re present (Multi beta5a) “Card” files wont need to be modified.


6 June 2013 release 5a  (Complete package)

Put in about 160 simconnect commands for direct control from the Arduino card.

First “general public” release of the “Multi”

“Pause” extraction added. (“?f”)

You’re present ini “Card” files do not need modified.

You’re present INO files need a small change, see help file on this.






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